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We've flipped the classroom! That means that we listen to the lectures at home & do the "homework" in the classroom!

Well guys, I've heard an awful lot from parents (current & former) and students (current & former) and most everyone was very upset that I had removed CHI and Greek & Latin from the curriculum! Soooo.... it's back. I still want to keep the workload down so we'll keep it slow and steady. It will only be a homework grade and not be on the chapter Exams like before.

We are moving "Boulders" this year and the "Rocks" and "Pebbles" will roll into place!

Now your final quarter grades will be calculated: Tests/Exams 60%, Homework/Labs 35%, Participation 5%.

Study guide for 7th grade Life Science: Study Guide
Study guide for 8th grade Physical Science: Study Guide

Joshua 1:9 - Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

HUGS! HUGS! .... Mr. E.

Continue to work on your CHI by doing the right thing - even when nobody is watching!! - CYA!!

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All "Miserable Toads" are welcome!!

Checkout the Science calendar at the bottom of this page. It has all the Science exams, worksheet due dates, project due dates, etc., etc., etc. on it.

Updated 2/10/19

7th Grade: Life Science- Chapter 11 exam is this Wednesday. Don't forget to look at the Science Fair stuff below. Make sure you listen to the screencast, it'll help a lot.

8th Grade: Physical Science Working on chapter 17 now. I'll pass out the new packets on Monday. Don't forget to look at the Science Fair stuff below. You "Miserable Toads" are the leaders of the Junior High now so I expect great things from you this year. Show the new guys what real leaders look like! Stay strong, be good Christ-like examples for all to follow!

Be Ready: To make sure everyone is watching the screen casts, there WILL BE short "POP" Quizzes covering the screen cast material !!!

CHI Stuff - Take a look at the CHI definitions and Bible verses to help you understand what "CHI" really is.You need to know them thru Proverbs 12:18 at this point. in time.

Greek & Latin Roots - There are 114 Greek & Latin Roots that we use over and over again in Science. Not just in this class but throughout your entire Science studies. Take a look at them, they will help! You need to remember 1-50 at this point in time.

Science Fair Updates: Information on the 2019 ACSI Science Fair is now updated. The ACSI Science Fair is May 9th. Use the Science Fair link directly to the left to obtain all needed info. The "chunked down" due dates for the project are listed on the calendar below.

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