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This Friday (the 22nd) the detailed Evolution vs Intelligent Design/Creation Essay are due! It's counted as your Science Final - 3 exam grades! Check your emails. Pray for God's will to be accomplished thru all of this turmoil.

The new 7th grade & 8th grade assignment sheets have been updated.

"On-line Learning" won't be too hard for us (JH Science) since everything is already on this website. Watch for the emails from the Administration and from the JH teachers to determine where/how to obtain each class lesson. Most information will be through your Google Classroom.

Stay safe and before you know it, we'll be running thru the halls again!

Plan ahead & budget your time, and for goodness sake - don't fall behind! This will lead to success.

Your trimester grades will be calculated: Tests/Exams 35%, Homework/Labs 60%, Participation 5%.

Study guide for 7th grade Life Science: Exam Study Guide
Study guide for 8th grade Physical Science: Exam Study Guide
This year's motto is "Do good, be kind"...It's plain and simple; however, carries so much meaning! Learn it, live it, love it!

HUGS! HUGS! .... Mr. E.

Continue to work on your CHI by doing the right thing - even when nobody is watching!! - CYA!!

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All "Miserable Toads" are welcome!!

Checkout the Science calendar at the bottom of this page. It has all the Science exams, worksheet due dates, project due dates, etc., etc., etc. on it.

Updated 5/17/20 @ 6:30 pm

7th Grade: Life Science- Check your emails to obtain the class code for the new Colaberative project between Science, Bible and English. This will give you all the details!

8th Grade: Physical ScienceCheck your emails to obtain the class code for the new Colaberative project between Science, Bible and English. This will give you all the details!

Be Ready: To make sure everyone is watching the screen casts, there WILL BE short "POP" Quizzes covering the screen cast material !!!

CHI Stuff - Take a look at the CHI definitions and Bible verses to help you understand what "CHI" really is.You need to know them thru Proverbs 11:20-The LORD hates people with twisted hearts, but he delights in those who have integrity.

Greek & Latin Roots - There are 114 Greek & Latin Roots that we use over and over again in Science. Not just in this class but throughout your entire Science studies. Take a look at them, they will help! You need to remember all 114 at this point in time. That's all of them. Yahoo!

NTK Classification - The Classification History, 6 Kingdoms and Phyla thru Tracheophyta and class thru Angiospermae

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