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We've flipped the classroom! That means that we listen to the lectures at home & do the "homework" in the classroom!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving... We all have soooo much to be thankful for. Praise God!


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I added a link to my Quizlet.com account (user: MreScience) below and made a "Life Science Classroom" (MVCS JH Life Science) and a "Physical Science Classroom" (MVCS JH Physical Science)!

Continue to work on your CHI by doing the right thing - even when nobody is watching!! - CYA!!

  • Here are some of the main links:To the MVCS Web site, to RenWeb, to Google Classroom, to Google Apps for Education, to my Fun Stuff page, to my Life & Physical Science Home pages, to a short video on our STEM program and to Quizlet.com.


All "Miserable Toads" are welcome!!

Checkout the Science calendar at the bottom of this page. It has all the Science exams, worksheet due dates, project due dates, etc., etc., etc. on it.

Updated 11/26/15

Life Science -Starting a new unit that starts with chapter 9 - The Protists! and then the Fungi. Lots to do with a bunch of labs!

Physical Science -Gonna finish off the unit with Chapter 15 stuff.

Be Ready: To make sure everyone is watching the screen casts, there WILL BE short "POP" Quizzes covering the screen cast material !!!

CHI Stuff - Learn the 3 Definitions of Character, Honor & Integrity, the two Latin phrases and the Bibles verses through 1 Chronicles 29:17 - I know, my God, that you examine our hearts and rejoice when you find integrity there.

Greek & Latin "Need-to-Knows" - OK... here we go... we are now all the way down to 1-60 of the 114 Greek & Latin Roots. Learn it, live it love it!!

8th grade NTK Classification OK you need to know - the history of modern day taxonomy, the 6 kingdoms plus Monera, the phyla and classes down to and including Class Bivalva.

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I added a picture of Shannon's Frog! Find it, tell me the secret code word for extra credit...