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Two weeks of classes left and lots more to cover. Stay focused and "finish strong"! (BTW, I put a picture of Shannon's frog with a code word somewhere on my website... find the frog, be the first to tell me the code word for extra credit!)

God is Good!!

Plan ahead & budget your time, and for goodness sake - don't fall behind! This will lead to success.

Your trimester grades will be calculated: Tests/Exams 45%, Homework/Labs 50%, Participation 5%.

Study guide for 7th grade Life Science: Exam Study Guide
Study guide for 8th grade Physical Science: Exam Study Guide


Continue to work on your CHI by doing the right thing - even when nobody is watching!! - CYA!!

All "Miserable Toads" are welcome!!

Checkout the Science calendar at the bottom of this page. It has all the Science exams, worksheet due dates, project due dates, etc., etc., etc. on it.

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7th Grade: Life Science- Human systems, include Digestion, Respiration and Circulation. 3 systems in two weeks! Not to mention all CHI and all 114 Greek & Latin Roots. Remember to look below at the "CHI Stuff", the "G&L Roots" and "NTK Classification" to see what will be required to memorize. This is all in addition to the regular chapter stuff.

8th Grade: Physical Science - Let's get caught up on "The Chosen" then we'll finish off with Evolution . Your "final" will include Evolution material AND all 114 Greek & Latin roots and all the CHI Verses & definitions. Remember to look below at the "CHI Stuff" and the "G&L Roots" and to see what will be required to memorize. This is all in addition to the regular chapter stuff.

Be Ready: We could have a CHI and/or a Greek and Latin quiz any time or any day without advanced notice. !!!

CHI Stuff - At this point you will need to have memorized: the CHI definitions, Non sibi and Finis origine pendet and ALL the Bible Verses. The last one is Ps 25:21-"May integrity and honesty protect me, for I put my hope in you." This will help you understand what "CHI" really is.

Greek & Latin Roots - There are 114 Greek & Latin Roots that we use over and over again in Science. Not just in this class but throughout your entire Science studies. At this point you will have to have memorized all of them! 1-114!

NTK Classification - At this point Life Science,7th graders, will be required to learn the Classification History, the 3 Domains, 6 Kingdoms, and the phylum down to Phylum Annelida (segmented worms).

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